There are three languages spoken by the populous human; Imperial, Bretonnian, and common.

The "common" tongue is a combination of portions of Imperial and Bretonnian, done to make communicating the other easier(and because each nation is too proud to speak the other's language.)

If your character speaks common, they can have general conversation with someone who speaks either Imperial or Bretonnian and normal conversation with those who speak common.

If your character speaks only Imperial/Bretonnian he can have general conversation with common speakers, normal with Imperial/Bretonnian, but none with only Bretonnian/Imperial speakers.

General Conversation: disadvantage on speech based charisma checks, but can maintain somewhat restricted conversation.

Which Languages are Available:

  • Common
  • Imperial
  • Bretonnian
  • Dwarvish
  • Elvish
  • Greenskin/Orcish(orc and goblin)
  • Norsi/Giant  - Language of the Giants, the Norsi, and ancient humans
  • Chaotic-General Language of the demons and devils
  • Underspeech – General language of most intelligent life below ground.


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